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Program of The 20th APIEMS 2019
12/2(Mon) 17:30-20:00 Registration  (Hotel Kanazawa 2F, Diamond)
18:00-20:00 Welcome Reception (Hotel Kanazawa, 2F Diamond)
Room1 Room2 Room3 Room4 Room5 Room6 Room7 Room8
Take Fuji Kaze Tsuki Aoi Nishiki Emerald A Emerald B
12/3(Tue) 9:00-9:30             Opening Ceremony
Keynote Speech 1
            Keynote Speech 1
  Coffee Break (5F)
Keynote Speech 2
            Keynote Speech 2
12:00-13:20 Lunch (2F Diamond)
Session 1
Healthcare Metaheuristic/Optimization Technique OS: Perspectives on Data Analytics 1 (JIMA) Supply Chain Management 1 Data Mining 1 Simulation Service Science/Management Lean Manufacturing
  295 271 127 36 40 167 190 165
  158 15 203 45 76 259 142 228
  102 377 208 180 357 26 154 330
  157 373 201 291 77 93 24 6
  74 145 94 148 355 332 99 349
  91 133 319 335 115 356 362 306
        376 125 287 307  
  Coffee Break (5F)
Session 2
OSシンメ: Future Strategy Design (JIMA) OS: Work-life Balance and Services 1 (JIMA) OS: Perspectives on Data Analytics 2 (JIMA) OS: Management Mathematics 1 (JIMA) Scheduling and Sequencing 1 Industrial Engineering/Automation 1 Tourism Management 1 Ergonomics/Human Factor 1
  88 8 309 69 160 18 68 61
  98 75 128 181 322 186 109 134
  100 105 194 206 169 205 35 161
  106 199 196 172 202 260 39 248
  168 233 192 123 382 385 42 361
    290   334 384 226 7 221
          386 323 193 162
16:00-17:50 Board Meeting
(2F, Ougi)
12/4(Wed) Session 3
Quality Engineering and Management 1 Reliability and Maintenance 1 Knowledge and Information Management/Probability and Statistical Modeling Data Mining 2 Scheduling and Sequencing 2 Tourism Management 2 Management Information System 1 Green Manufacturing/Management
  114 389 277 351 216 81 136 219
  96 31 321 191 220 82 73 231
  288 302 9 156 19 83 268 254
  54 378 166 266 147 299 242 137
  120 345 365 108 252 122 207 211
  177 310   273 374 282 383 364
  Coffee Break (5F)
Session 4
Quality Engineering and Management 2 OS: Work-life Balance and Services 2 (JIMA) OS: Perspectives on Data Analytics 3 (JIMA) OS: Management Mathematics 2 (JIMA) Productions and Operations Management 1 Industrial Engineering/Automation 2 Management Information System 2 Engineering Economy/Financial Models
  336 132 188 121 193 214 159 103
  174 163 210 63 71 185 340 104
  175 170 101 324 72 197 344 46
  51 338 304 56 85 171 350 34
  151   366 12 52 272 388 212
  111   200 119 95   312 303
12:10-13:30 Lunch (2F Diamond)
Session 5
Operation Research 1 OS: Work-life Balance and Services 3 (JIMA) OS: Perspectives on Data Analytics 4 (JIMA) OS: Management Mathematics 3 (JIMA) Productions and Operations Management 2 Big Data Methodology and Application 1 Ergonomics/Human Factor 2 Artificial Intelligence 1
  84 204 187 89 184 198 118 297
  263 225 135 30 227 218 139 325
  359 247 124 32 246 164 140 347
  255 278 327 20 328 86 144 294
  370 326 293 152 371 87 285 43
  131 341     264 90 23 55
          235   217 13
  Coffee Break (5F)
Session 6
Ergonomics/Human Factor 3 OS: Sustainable Supply Chain Management 1 (JIMA) Logistics Management Sustainable Management Productions and Operations Management 3 Big Data Methodology and Application 2    
  209 179 239 275 48 97    
  14 234 57 274 129 130    
  343 301 331 339 300 387    
  346 305 110 27 238 262    
  229 366 256 333 317 213    
    390 16   286 223    
Keynote Speech 3
            Keynote Speech 3
18:40-20:30 Banquet (2F Diamond)
12/5(Thu) Session 7
Ergonomics/Human Factor 4 OS: Sustainable Supply Chain Management 2 (JIMA) Reliability and Maintenance 2   E-business / Information Technology Decision Modeling/Decision Support Artificial Intelligence 2 Supply Chain Management 2
  62 21 44   107 363 67 64
  315 337 112   284 348 153 5
  230 29 126   244 41 318 240
  38 375 232   116 195 281 25
      245   265 146 292 250
          251   189 352
  Coffee Break (5F)
Session 8
Operation Research 2 OS: Sustainable Supply Chain Management 3 (JIMA)     Transportation/Human-Computer Interaction Managemet Science Product Design Supply Chain Management 3
  58 183     78 249 241 215
  59 276     222 296 258 11
  224 316     257 17 279 237
  236 320     49 308 280 283
    329     53 37 380 79
    353         381 22
12:00-14:00 Lunch (2F Diamond)
12:30-13:00   Closing Ceremony

Titles and Authors

Paper ID: 1 Abstract
Author: Chompoonoot Kasemset, Phanumas Sojithamporn, Siraphat Sukhobol and Ruetaitid Khamentdee
Title: Supply Chain Analysis of Roasted Assam Tea using Material Flow Cost Accounting
Paper ID: 5 Abstract
Author: Kin Keung Lai, Ming Wang and Qian Zhang
Title: Inventory replenishment model in two-level supply chain for seasonal products based on collaborative forecasting
Paper ID: 6 Abstract Paper
Author: Wassanai Wattanutchariya and Tassanathan Wongwanruan
Title: Efficiency Improvement of Bottle Pasteurized Milk Production Using Lean Manufacturing Technique
Paper ID: 7 Abstract
Author: Warisa Wisittipanich and Chanagan Boonya
Title: Multi-objective Tourist Trip Design Problem in Chiang Mai City
Paper ID: 8 Abstract Paper
Author: Hazel Caparas, Arra Krisha Flores, Mark Gil De Castro and Spencer Malabanan
Title: Ergonomic Intervention to Reduce the Risk of Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders in a Small-scale Pottery
Paper ID: 9 Abstract
Author: Chi-Shiuan Lin and Muh-Cherng Wu
Title: A Genetic Algorithm Based on Incomplete Solution Representation for Scheduling
Paper ID: 11 Abstract Paper
Author: Sidi Wu, Jiahua Weng and Seung-Jin Ryu
Title: A Study on Coordinated Trading System for Product Sales of Consumer Electronics Manufacturers
Paper ID: 12 Abstract
Author: You-Jin Park, Sun Hur and Gilseung Ahn
Title: Real-Time Service Scheduling Considering Collaboration Potential in Cloud Manufacturing
Paper ID: 13 Abstract Paper
Author: Jia-Hong Yan and Chia-Yu Hsu
Title: Temporal Convolutional Network to Predict Removal Rate of Material in Chemical Mechanical Polishing Process
Paper ID: 14 Abstract
Author: Akimasa Otsuka and Fusaomi Nagata
Title: Stack-up Problem of Cpk Index for Non Normal Distributions
Paper ID: 15 Abstract Paper
Author: Jaekyu Yoo and Shimizu Yoshiaki
Title: Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms for Coping with Single-Objective Optimization Problems Rationally - Comparison, Enhancement and Post-optimal Evolution
Paper ID: 16 Abstract Paper
Author: Yoshiaki Shimizu and Jaekyu Yoo
Title: A Hierarchical Hybrid Approach for Rich VRP Studies through Elaborate Cost Accounting Considering Various Driving Conditions
Paper ID: 17 Abstract Paper
Author: Takumi Kato and Kazuhiko Tsuda
Title: Impact of the Variety of Functional Options on Willingness to Pay
Paper ID: 18 Abstract
Author: Du-Ming Tsai, Hsin-Yang Tsai and Wei-Yao Chiu
Title: Mura defect inspection in Liquid Crystal Display panels using optical flow-based motion analysis
Paper ID: 19 Abstract Paper
Author: Muhammad Akbar, Takashi Irohara, Yutaka Itou and Tomohiro Takahashi
Title: A Dual Resource Constrained Batch Scheduling Problem with Different Operator Skills
Paper ID: 20 Abstract Paper
Author: Yuta Toki and Etsuko Kusukawa
Title: Optimal Operation in Closed-Loop Supply Chain with Product Life Cycle considering Time Efficiency of Profit
Paper ID: 21 Abstract Paper
Author: Takato Nakatani and Etsuko Kusukawa
Title: Optimal Operation of Supply Chain with a Hybrid Production Mode under Carbon Emissions and Cap-and-Trade Policy
Paper ID: 22 Abstract Paper
Author: Tomomi Imai and Etsuko Kusukawa
Title: Optimal Operation in a Dual-Channel Closed-Loop Supply Chain with Carbon Emissions and Cap-and-Trade Policy
Paper ID: 23 Abstract Paper
Author: Shu Yi Zhou, Dan Yang, Kai Way Li and Can Nan Yi
Title: Perception of One-handed Pull Exertion for Females
Paper ID: 24 Abstract Paper
Author: Hisashi Kurata and Lu Zhang
Title: Effectiveness of Price-matching Strategies Between Physical Stores When the Lowest Price Is Offered Online
Paper ID: 25 Abstract Paper
Author: Hisashi Kurata and Lu Zhang
Title: Comparison of Distribution Collaboration Methods When Demand Occurs at Different Times in Different Locations
Paper ID: 26 Abstract Paper
Author: Jeremy Laurence Bañez
Title: Process Improvement of Driver’s License Issuance Through Waiting Time Reduction During Peak Periods Using System Simulation
Paper ID: 27 Abstract
Author: Ming-Lang Tseng Tseng, Anthony Chiu and Monica O Ngkowidjaja
Title: Understanding sustainable supply chain capability in indonesia: policy and resource drives the sustainable process
Paper ID: 29 Abstract Paper
Author: Takuhiro Shimogama and Etsuko Kusukawa
Title: Optimal Operation in a Green Supply Chain considering Carbon Emissions and Energy-Saving under Government’s Environmental Measures and Cost Sharing
Paper ID: 30 Abstract Paper
Author: Takuhiro Shimogama, Etsuko Kusukawa and Masaki Kiyomitsu
Title: Optimal Operation and Cost Sharing in a Dual-Channel Green Supply Chain considering Carbon Emissions under Government’s Environmental Measures
Paper ID: 31 Abstract Paper
Author: Taishin Nakamura, Hisashi Yamamoto, Tomoaki Akiba and Koji Shingyochi
Title: Algorithm for the Component Assignment Problem in Redundant Consecutive-k-out-of-n:F Systems
Paper ID: 32 Abstract Paper
Author: Haruki Suwa and Etsuko Kusukawa
Title: Evolutionary Game Theoretic Analysis for Carbon Tax, Subsidy and Penalty and Cap-and-Trade Policy
Paper ID: 34 Abstract Paper
Author: Takehiro Yamamoto and Norio Hibiki
Title: Time-series analysis of truncated realized volatility
Paper ID: 35 Abstract Paper
Author: Noriyuki Suyama
Title: Research for Consumer Buying Behavior of Travelers from Overseas Countries in Japan
Paper ID: 36 Abstract
Author: Ming-Jong Yao, Mei-Yu Lin and Feng Liu
Title: Solving New Models of Vendor Managed Inventory and Consignment in Single-Vendor Multiple-Buyers Supply Chains under General-Integer Policy
Paper ID: 37 Abstract
Author: Hitoshi Yano
Title: Multiobjective Two-level Fuzzy Random Programming Problems with Simple Recourses and Optimistic Pareto Stackelberg Solutions
Paper ID: 38 Abstract
Author: Ray F. Lin
Title: Effects of three eye statuses on eye-movement complexity
Paper ID: 39 Abstract
Author: Takashi Oyabu, Junko Nakamura and Aijun Liu
Title: Comparison of tourism conditions and the strategies between Japan and Ishikawa Prefecture
Paper ID: 40 Abstract Paper
Author: Hiroki Kozu, Yukio Maruyama, Tsuyoshi Yuyama, Tomoya Hasegawa and Yasuhiro Tsujimura
Title: A Study of Diseases Words Classifying Method for Medical Hospitality -Examination of potential anxiety factors extraction-
Paper ID: 41 Abstract
Author: Yedam Lee, Hyungkyu Cheon, Jaewon Choi, Tae Young Yu, Dong Gu Choi, Il Han Ham and Seongbin Im
Title: Optimal bidding strategy for virtual power plant utilizing multi-stage stochastic dynamic programming
Paper ID: 42 Abstract
Author: Toshihiko Shimauchi, Hidetaka Nambo and Haruhiko Kimura
Title: Impacts of accessibility to tourism spots and competitions with cargo freight on cruise ship port of calls to ports in Japan
Paper ID: 43 Abstract
Author: Mehedi Hasan Talukder, Shuhei Ota, Masato Takanokura and Nobuaki Ishii
Title: Crack Detection on the Wall of Building by CNN using Subdatasets to Increase Accuracy
Paper ID: 44 Abstract Paper
Author: Koki Yamada, Taishin Nakamura, Hisashi Yamamoto and Xiao Xiao
Title: Approximate value using limit theorem for connected-(r,s)-out-of-(m,n):F lattice system
Paper ID: 45 Abstract
Author: Bosung Kim, Sang Won Kim and Kun Soo Park
Title: Promoting Supplier’s Environmental Innovation via Emission Taxation
Paper ID: 46 Abstract
Author: Diego Fernando Manotas-Duque, Angélica González O. and Cuauhtemoc Sanchez-Ramirez
Title: Multi-criteria analysis of location options for wind power generation projects in Colombia
Paper ID: 48 Abstract
Author: Ryosuke Nakajima, Momoko Harada, Takuya Hida and Toshiyuki Matsumoto
Title: Effect of Ancillary Works of Inspectors on Defect Detection in Appearance Inspection
Paper ID: 49 Abstract
Author: Naruenat Thipnang, Kanchana Sethanan, Thitipong Jamrus, Karn Moonsri and Kongkidakorn Worasan
Title: Differential evolution algorithms for Vehicle Routing Problem with Soft Time Windows and Multiple Trips: A case study of the sugarcane and sugar industry in Thailand
Paper ID: 51 Abstract
Author: Yiyo Kuo and Yi-Ting Chiang
Title: Dynamic Parameters Setting for Impregnation Process of Printed Circuit Board
Paper ID: 52 Abstract Paper
Author: Yang Hu and Feng Wu
Title: An ICT-based cloud manufacturing architecture for complex heavy equipment manufacturing collaboration
Paper ID: 53 Abstract
Author: Thunyamai Moonmanee and Thitipong Jamrus
Title: Vehicle routing problem with semi-soft time window and distance and truck type restriction: a case study of logistic company in Thailand.
Paper ID: 54 Abstract Paper
Author: Balbir Singh, Umesh Umesh, Bhaskar Bhandarkar and Varun Dutta
Title: Productivity Enhancement of Automobile Filter Industry using ZED approach
Paper ID: 55 Abstract Paper
Author: James Lin and Wan-Yu Wang
Title: A Q-Learning Approach for AGV Dispatching
Paper ID: 56 Abstract Paper
Author: Koichi Nakade and Saki Ueda
Title: Simulation analysis of server allocation of customers considering walking time
Paper ID: 57 Abstract Paper
Author: Koji Aragane, Tetsuya Sato and Takayuki Shiina
Title: The Lateral Transshipment Problem considering rentals and returns via Multi-period Stochastic Programming Model
Paper ID: 58 Abstract Paper
Author: Shota Kimata, Takayuki Shiina, Tetsuya Sato and Ken-Ichi Tokoro
Title: Stochastic programming model for energy storage equipment in a residential building
Paper ID: 59 Abstract Paper
Author: Masahiro Yamada, Takayuki Shiina, Tetsuya Sato and Ken-Ichi Tokoro
Title: Stochastic Programming Model for Negawatt Planning
Paper ID: 61 Abstract
Author: Youngchul Shin and Ilkyeong Moon
Title: Robust Evacuation Planning after Emergency in a Crowded Building
Paper ID: 62 Abstract
Author: Akisue Kuramoto, Kazuki Hiranai and Akihiko Seo
Title: Monocular camera and digital human model based evaluation strategy of physical load in working posture
Paper ID: 63 Abstract Paper
Author: Huynh Trung Luong and Sakkarin Ngiuwichit
Paper ID: 64 Abstract Paper
Author: Huynh Trung Luong and Susith Salgado
Paper ID: 67 Abstract Paper
Author: Hiroki Sakaguchi, Tadanobu Misawa and Kazuya Yamashita
Title: Research on stock price prediction using multi-layered perceptron and weak learners optimized by a genetic algorithm
Paper ID: 68 Abstract Paper
Author: Shuang Song, Tomohisa Yamashita, Hidenori Kawamura, Junichi Uchida and Hajime Saito
Title: Determining the Number of Tourist Arrivals from Travel Reviews: A Bivariate Correlation Analysis
Paper ID: 69 Abstract Paper
Author: Po-Ting Chen, Shih-Wan Sun, Yu-Ting Weng and Ruey-Huei Yeh
Title: Optimal Switch-Over Time to a New Generation Repairable Product with Weibull Lifetime
Paper ID: 71 Abstract Paper
Author: Jun Yamaguchi and Hirokazu Kono
Title: Overview of The Program Content of Sustainable Kaizen Activities: A case study of company F
Paper ID: 72 Abstract Paper
Author: Jun Yamaguchi, Manabu Hattori and Masaaki Yokogawa
Title: Signature Procedure in the Management for Kaizen Activities Sustained over the Long Term: A case study of cosmetics manufacturer E
Paper ID: 73 Abstract Paper
Author: Yue-Yang Chen and Hui-Ling Huang
Title: An Empirical Examination of Alignment Effect between Business Strategy and Information Strategy on Business Performance
Paper ID: 74 Abstract Paper
Author: Erhan Kozan
Title: An Integrated Approach to Synchronise and Optimise Hospital Operations
Paper ID: 75 Abstract Paper
Author: Michika Kato, Tetsuo Yamada, Eri Fujita and Seiko Taki
Title: A Statistical Approach Identifying Parenting Stress Indexes for Japanese Mothers by Factor and Cluster Analysis
Paper ID: 76 Abstract Paper
Author: Yangyang Zhao, Yusuke Goto and Hiroyuki Morita
Title: Analysis of Relationship Between In-Store Travels and Purchases in Retail Stores
Paper ID: 77 Abstract Paper
Author: Seiji Sasaki, Shota Abe, Yusuke Takashima, Yutaro Ishimaru, Tenki Yabuuchi, Hiroto Kanai, Hiromi Kawakami, Yusuke Goto, Hiroyuki Morita, Masahiko Ishihara and Yasuyuki Shirai
Title: Evaluating TV Viewer Loyalty Based on TV Program Viewing History
Paper ID: 78 Abstract
Author: Wen-Yau Liang
Title: Exploring the influence of dual-coding theory on satisfaction and continuance intention to use
Paper ID: 79 Abstract Paper
Author: Jing Fan and Yasutaka Kainuma
Title: An investigation of the impact of Industry 4.0 on the closed-loop supply chain
Paper ID: 81 Abstract
Author: Kyosuke Hirota, Natsumi Kosuge and Marina Isobe
Title: A Comparative Study on Peoples’ Hospitality Toward Others in Urban and Rural Areas
Paper ID: 82 Abstract
Author: Yoshiki Yamada, Seiji Miyamura, Kotone Nakanura, Shizune Kunita, Yuki Tanigawa and Ayaka Ito
Title: A Study on Asymmetry of Information in the Tourism Industry
Paper ID: 83 Abstract
Author: Junze Tian, Haruki Shimazaki, Hirokazu Kawai and Tomoki Fuseya
Title: A Study on Accumulation Effect in Tourism Industry
Paper ID: 84 Abstract
Author: Hyunjoon Kim, Byung-In Kim and Dong-Jin Noh
Title: The Multi-profit Orienteering Problem
Paper ID: 85 Abstract Paper
Author: Nobuaki Ishii and Masaaki Ohba
Title: Design and Evaluation of Project Organization Based on Communication Links
Paper ID: 86 Abstract Paper
Author: Chi-Chih Tsai, Kuo-Hao Chang, Chi-Che Tai, Chih-Hung Wang, Chung-Jung Chen and Chih-Ming Lin
Title: A Study of Chiller System Operation Optimization and Energy Saving
Paper ID: 87 Abstract Paper
Author: Chia-Hsin Pan, Kuo-Hao Chang, Chi-Che Tai, Chih-Hung Wang, Chung-Jung Chen and Chih-Ming Lin
Title: Prediction Model of Chiller Water System and an Empirical Study
Paper ID: 88 Abstract Paper
Author: Maki Arame, Junko Handa and Kinya Tamaki
Title: Business Producer Development Program for Future Strategic Design
Paper ID: 89 Abstract Paper
Author: Wei-Ya Wang and Kuo-Hao Chang
Title: Machine Selection Problem in Required Capacity Condition via Simulation Optimization
Paper ID: 90 Abstract Paper
Author: Yi-Jyun Sun, Chi-An Lai, Kuo-Hao Chang, Li-Der Chen, Chih-Hung Wang, Chung-Jung Chen and Chih-Ming Lin
Title: Finding an Optimal Configuration for Air Compressors – A Case Study of a Taiwan Semiconductor Company
Paper ID: 91 Abstract
Author: Hao Huang, Chih-Wei Cheng and Kuan-Lin Chen
Title: Multiple Objective Emergency Department Resource Allocation Using Multiple Objective Probabilistic Branch and Bound
Paper ID: 93 Abstract Paper
Author: Song-Lin Lee and Kuo-Hao Chang
Title: An Efficient Algorithm for Discrete Conditional Expectation-Based Optimization via Simulation
Paper ID: 94 Abstract Paper
Author: Kyosuke Hasumoto and Masayuki Goto
Title: Predicting Customer Churn of a Platform Business Using Latent Variables of Variational Autoencoder and Analysis of Customers’ Purchasing Behaviors
Paper ID: 95 Abstract
Author: Osamu Ichikizaki and Hirokazu Kono
Title: A fundamental study on an operation workflow improvement by using the cumulative flow graph
Paper ID: 96 Abstract
Author: Chien-Chih Wang and Yu-Hsun Li
Title: Empirical study on quality prediction of wafer acceptance test in DRAM manufacturing using machine learning technique
Paper ID: 97 Abstract
Author: Jie-Jun Liu, Yi-An Kuo, You-Chen Lin, Che-Wei Huang and Ssu-Han Chen
Title: Bi-cluster evolution analysis of customers and products: A case of an industrial component manufacturer
Paper ID: 98 Abstract
Author: Masahiro Arakawa, Suguru Nozue, Takeshi Abe, Park Youngwon and Kinya Tamaki
Title: A proposal of development method of concept design of product considering service for enhancement of market value
Paper ID: 99 Abstract
Author: Do-Hyeon Ryu and Kwang-Jae Kim
Title: Development of Service Concepts that Utilize Energy-related Data for Campus Energy Management
Paper ID: 100 Abstract Paper
Author: Yasuyoshi Mase, Masahiro Arakawa and Kensuke Ishida
Title: Discussion of production management supported by robot system integrator and IoT system integrator for continuity of manufacturing business
Paper ID: 101 Abstract Paper
Author: Kenta Mikawa
Title: Factorization Machine with Mixed Norm regularization using ADMM
Paper ID: 102 Abstract Paper
Author: Yi-Lin Li and Yung-Ching Liu
Title: The Situational Awareness and Mental Workload of Nurse Anesthetists in Surgery
Paper ID: 103 Abstract
Author: Leonardo Rivera
Paper ID: 104 Abstract
Author: Leonardo Rivera, Diego Fernando Manotas Duque and Jorge Luis García Alcaráz
Paper ID: 105 Abstract Paper
Author: Eri Ohto-Fujita, Yoriko Atomi, Miho Shimizu, Yoshikazu Higashi, Seiko Taki and Tetsuo Yamada
Title: Concept of Health Support Tool for Work-Life Balance by “Body-Mind Integrative Science” Approach.
Paper ID: 106 Abstract
Author: Yuji Hirabayashi, Kin’ya Tamaki and Maki Arame
Title: Case study of smart city by the future strategic design
Paper ID: 107 Abstract
Author: Chieh Lee and Yuan-Jye Tseng
Title: Does facebook advertisement works? The power of target focus commercial aids.
Paper ID: 108 Abstract
Author: Chieh Lee and Yuan-Jye Tseng
Title: Quantity has a quality of its own? The relation between the popularity of a University and its online post volume.
Paper ID: 109 Abstract Paper
Author: Manami Sugisawa, Hajime Saito, Mitsuyoshi Nagao, Mitsutaka Yasuda and Shigeru Mukaida
Title: A New Approach to Promoting Tourism using an AI Digital Comic Foreground
Paper ID: 110 Abstract Paper
Author: Junko Hosoda and Takashi Irohara
Title: A clustering-based heuristic for location routing problem with outsourced delivery and split delivery
Paper ID: 111 Abstract
Author: Yi-Lang Chen, Resy Kumala Sari, Wei-Cheng Lin and Ying-Hua Liao
Title: Assessing span between feet of public squatting-type toilet based on squatting stability
Paper ID: 112 Abstract Paper
Author: Hiroki Inokuchi, Xiao Xiao and Hisashi Yamamoto
Title: Software reliability model with software metrics by Logistic regression
Paper ID: 114 Abstract
Author: Seung-Hyun Choi, Chang-Ho Lee, Dong-Hee Lee and Kwang-Jae Kim
Title: Classification Framework of Mixed-type Defect Patterns on Wafer Bin Map via Neural-Network Approach
Paper ID: 115 Abstract
Author: Chang-Ho Lee, Seung-Hyun Choi, Dong-Hee Lee and Kwang-Jae Kim
Title: Identifying Root Causes of Wafer Bin Map Failure Patterns based on Machine Sequence Analysis
Paper ID: 116 Abstract
Author: Kang Won Lee
Title: Influence maximization under Different Types of Networks
Paper ID: 118 Abstract
Author: Kazuki Hiranai, Akisue Kuramoto and Akihiko Seo
Title: Evaluation of working posture based on anomaly detection using One-Class Support Vector Machine to the work avoiding obstacle
Paper ID: 119 Abstract Paper
Author: Xiaowen Zhao, Hisashi Yamamoto and Jing Sun
Title: An Optimal Assignment Model in Reset Limited-Cycle Multiple Production Periods Considered the Penalties of Due Date and Quality
Paper ID: 120 Abstract
Author: Florence Leony and Chen-Ju Lin
Title: Process selection based on process loss under non-normal data
Paper ID: 121 Abstract Paper
Author: Taichi Nakano, Atsushi Suzuki and Hisashi Yamamoto
Title: An Experimental Study of Evolutionary Solutions for Assignment Type Facility Layout Problem.
Paper ID: 122 Abstract
Author: Masahide Yamamoto
Title: Examining the Number of Visitors in Tourist Destinations through Mobile Phone Users’ Location Data
Paper ID: 123 Abstract Paper
Author: Jinyu Zhang, Hisashi Yamamoto and Jing Sun
Title: An Optimal Assignment Production of Workers with Different Capacities for Each Process in Reset Limited-Cycle Problem with Multiple Periods
Paper ID: 124 Abstract
Author: Chih-Hung Jen, Shu-Kai S. Fan, Yu-Ming Lu, Wan-Ting Chen and Sung-Ying Tsai
Title: Using Big Data Analysis to Construct the Abnormal Diagnostic System for Wafer Test Platform
Paper ID: 125 Abstract Paper
Author: Jeremy Laurence Bañez and Raph John Miranda
Title: Decision Criteria in Selecting Freshmen Industrial Engineering Students in Bulacan State University Using Analytic Hierarchy Process
Paper ID: 126 Abstract Paper
Author: Lei Zhou, Taishin Nakamura, Hisashi Yamamoto and Xiao Xiao
Title: Number of Failed Components in a Consecutive-k-out-of-n:G System
Paper ID: 127 Abstract Paper
Author: Yuki Horita and Haruka Yamashita
Title: Optimization of Advertisements on the Internet based on LSTM
Paper ID: 128 Abstract
Author: Anas Laamrani and Masato Sasaki
Title: Fuzzy Optimization of Portfolio using Interactive Genetic Algorithm and Artificial Neural Networks
Paper ID: 129 Abstract
Author: Hiroshi Shiokawa, Shuhei Ota and Nobuaki Ishii
Title: Collaborative inspection planning by integrating a production planning system under uncertainty
Paper ID: 130 Abstract
Author: Chun-Yao Wang, Chen-Fu Chien and Ying-Jen Chen
Title: A Data-Driven Framework to Live Weight Estimation and Prediction in Commercial Broiler Industry
Paper ID: 131 Abstract
Author: Jonghwa Lee and Byung-In Kim
Title: Heavy Item Truck Loading Problem with Real-World Constraints
Paper ID: 132 Abstract
Author: Vipakorn Vadhanasin
Title: The impact of information seeking on online purchase decision in Thailand
Paper ID: 133 Abstract Paper
Author: Wolawit Leelawan and Charoenchai Khompatraporn
Title: Multi-period pre-positioning stock model with fuzzy demands of humanitarian relief aids network
Paper ID: 134 Abstract Paper
Author: Yuhsuan Chen and Dengchuan Cai
Title: The effect of wearing helmets on scooter rider’s reaction time
Paper ID: 135 Abstract Paper
Author: Tomonori Kitani, Jyun’pei Kawana and Yoichi Seki
Title: Adaptive SOM anomaly detection for time series data
Paper ID: 136 Abstract Paper
Author: Mitsuyoshi Horikawa, Satoshi Nakata, Azuma Okamoto and Yoshitoshi Murata
Title: Smart tags for manufacturing system visualization
Paper ID: 137 Abstract Paper
Author: Tshianeo Tshivhase and Yasutaka Kainuma
Title: Emission-distribution model development under the cap-and-trade policy
Paper ID: 139 Abstract
Author: Kuan Yu Liu, Chin Mei Chou, Yu Che Chen, Che Jung Yang and Shih Hsiung Chou
Title: Using Support Vector Machine Method to Build a Detectably Physical Conditions Model with Postural Balance: a Pilot Study
Paper ID: 140 Abstract
Author: Yu Lun Chang, Chor Kheng Lim, Chin Mei Chou, Hao Huang, Tien Lung Sun and I Chun Liu
Title: Using facial emotion recognition to observe the emotional changes of the elderly playing the pillow type device
Paper ID: 142 Abstract Paper
Author: Pei-Chun Chen, Yung-Ching Liu and Yang-Kun Ou
Title: Application of PZB Model to Explore User Experience after Modification of Pediatric Outpatient Settings
Paper ID: 144 Abstract
Author: Yu Lun Chang and Chin Mei Chou
Title: Differences and changes in facial expressions between young people and adults by using facial emotion recognition: A pilot study
Paper ID: 145 Abstract Paper
Author: Kosuke Kameda, Natsumi Takahashi and Shao-Chin Sung
Title: A branch and bound approach for shortest-path network interdiction
Paper ID: 146 Abstract
Author: Sheng Kai Lin, Chi Hang Chen, Zih Hao Lin, Chih Hsiang Hsu and Chen Fu Chien
Title: An Empirical Study of Industry 3.5 Framework: An AI-based Parameters Optimization Decision Support System for CNC Milling Manufacturing
Paper ID: 147 Abstract Paper
Author: Po Han Liu, Tzu Yen Hong and Chen Fu Chien
Title: A hybrid genetic algorithm for production scheduling in steel making Industry : an empirical study
Paper ID: 148 Abstract Paper
Author: Qifan Pei, Tiantian Zhang and Hing Kai Chan
Title: Benefits of Supply Chain Finance Providing Enterprises
Paper ID: 151 Abstract
Author: Chien-Chih Wang and Hsin-Tzu Chang
Title: Case study for predicting lithium battery health status using design-experiment data
Paper ID: 152 Abstract
Author: Thanapoom Triamwechwootikrai, Kanchana Sethanan, Thitipong Jamrus, Kongkidakorn Worasan and Karn Moonsri
Title: Differential evolution for the periodic vehicle routing problem with delivery spaced constraints on maintenance services: A case study of the Thai sugar industry
Paper ID: 153 Abstract Paper
Author: Willy Dharmawan and Hidetaka Nambo
Title: End-to-End Sequential Input with Time Distributed Model for Carla Self Driving Car in Moderate Dense Environment
Paper ID: 154 Abstract
Author: Pao-Tiao Chuang, Chiao-Tzu Huang and Kuan-Yu Chen
Title: Effects Analysis of Technology Acceptance Model on Purchase Intention of Smart Electric Scooter
Paper ID: 155 Abstract
Author: Chien-Chih Wang and Chun-Hua Chien
Title: An empirical study for price prediction of iron raw material using machine learning techniques
Paper ID: 156 Abstract
Author: Wei-Ren Liu, Wenhan Fu, Kang-Ting Ma and Chen-Fu Chien
Title: Machine Learning for Electronic Design Automation Tool Forecast for IC Design Project Capacity Management
Paper ID: 157 Abstract
Author: Ping-Huai Wang, Hou-Tai Chang, Chieh Lee, Wei-Fang Chen and Chen-Ju Lin
Title: On prediction of lung cancer with LDCT assisted by health examination data
Paper ID: 158 Abstract Paper
Author: Prasit Kailomsom and Charoenchai Khompatraporn
Title: Economic-oriented model of hospital waste collection and disposal location decisions in Northeastern Thailand
Paper ID: 159 Abstract Paper
Author: Yasuhiro Yamanaka
Title: About working support based on Drucker theory
Paper ID: 160 Abstract
Author: Li-Ping Tseng, Wen-Tsung Ku, Chun-Teng Chen and Hungwen Chen
Title: Frontline Emergency Care Assistance -- A Design of Mobil Central Pipping Station
Paper ID: 161 Abstract Paper
Author: Pei-Yi Liao and Dengchuan Cai
Title: Influence of Passive Back Stretching on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate
Paper ID: 162 Abstract
Author: Li-Ping Tseng, Wen-Tsung Ku and Zui-An Lin
Title: Convenient accessory -Auxiliary for door knob
Paper ID: 163 Abstract
Author: Yating Yu, Seiko Taki, Masato Takanokura, Tetsuo Yamada and Masaru Kawakami
Title: An analysis of occupational stressors for healthcare workers
Paper ID: 164 Abstract Paper
Author: Ju-Chien Chien, Chia-Yu Hsu, Jei-Zheng Wu and Runliang Dou
Title: Convolutional Neural Network for Defect Patterns Classification in Semiconductor Wafer Bin Maps
Paper ID: 165 Abstract Paper
Author: Shoya Nakamura, Yasutoshi Nishi, Keisuke Nagasawa, Katsumi Morikawa and Katsuhiko Takahashi
Title: An analysis method of dismantling work for end-of-life vehicles (ELV) with tracking data of metal recycle machines
Paper ID: 166 Abstract
Author: Chandrawati Putri Wulandari, Chao Ou-Yang and Mohammad Iqbal
Title: Extracting Production Rules from Association Rules Mining as Knowledge Bases for Rule-based Expert Systems
Paper ID: 167 Abstract
Author: Ho-Seok Kang, Seung-Min Noh and Seong-Yong Jang
Title: A Study on Military Operational Effectiveness Analysis Method using Simulation and AHP/DEA
Paper ID: 168 Abstract Paper
Author: Kin’ya Tamaki, Hiroshi Sakuta, Maki Arame, Yoshiyuki Ono, Yoshiki Nakamura and Tomofumi Takamatsu
Title: Development and Demonstration of Adult Educational Programs for System Creators in Future Strategy Design in Action Project Group Activities through Industry University Cooperation
Paper ID: 169 Abstract
Author: Sumiharni Batubara, Debbie Kemala Sari and Dhimas Aryo Wicaksono
Title: Design of Job Scheduling Using BAT Algorithm To Minimize Makespan in Hybrid Flowshop
Paper ID: 170 Abstract
Author: Seiko Taki
Title: Challenges of Communication Design to Support Work-life Balance
Paper ID: 171 Abstract Paper
Author: Chayapha Pokpong and Natthavika Chansri
Title: Effect of Color Light and Color Texture on Defect Detection for Leather Manufacture
Paper ID: 172 Abstract Paper
Author: Harumiko Sumi, Fumiya Tamura and Shuhei Inada
Title: A method for determining the storage position of goods in the warehouse by using greedy methods
Paper ID: 174 Abstract Paper
Author: Naarpa Kuntapa and Ussanee Purintrapiban
Title: Applications of control chart in healthcare : A Literature Review
Paper ID: 175 Abstract Paper
Author: Naarpa Kuntapa and Ussanee Purintrapiban
Title: Selection of Control Chart for Monitoring Blood Glucose Level
Paper ID: 177 Abstract
Author: Chiao-Tzu Huang, Pao-Tiao Chuang and Lu-Kai You
Title: Application of Deep Learning Technology for SMD Defect Detection
Paper ID: 179 Abstract Paper
Author: Yosi Hidayat and Caroline Asaloei
Title: Determination of Ordering Policy in Warehouse Layout Design Using Knapsack Problem and Class-Based Storage Policy Approaches
Paper ID: 180 Abstract Paper
Author: Piyarat Muratavanich, Charoenchai Khompatraporn and Apinanthana Udomsakdigool
Title: Supplier Selection and Demand Allocation with Optional Spot Purchasing under Different Fulfillment Rates in Agricultural Supply Chain
Paper ID: 181 Abstract Paper
Author: Thanakorn Miengarrom, Tuanjai Somboonwiwat and Chareonchai Khompatraporn
Title: Two-process Production Planning with Mixed Supply and Multiple Products in Canned Pineapple Production Lines
Paper ID: 183 Abstract Paper
Author: Yen-Shuo Chen and Chin-Yin Huang
Title: Increasing the Accuracy of Forecasting can Eliminate Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chains
Paper ID: 184 Abstract Paper
Author: Chihiro Hayashi, Hisashi Yamamoto, Masaaki Ohba, Yukio Maruyama and Yoshiki Nakamura
Title: The effective seat setting of the production seat booking system for the make-to-stock manufacturing process with the fixed lot-size production
Paper ID: 185 Abstract Paper
Author: Atsushi Imanaka and Yoshiko Furusho
Title: Significance of Information Design Learning Using Persona and Customer Journey Map as UX Research Method
Paper ID: 186 Abstract Paper
Author: Yoshiko Furusho, Atsushi Imanaka and Shinobu Hasegawa
Title: Investigation of Teaching Material Media for Art Education
Paper ID: 187 Abstract Paper
Author: Yi -Ching Yeh and Chia-Yu Hsu
Title: Application of Auto-Encoder for Time Series Classification with Class Imbalance
Paper ID: 188 Abstract Paper
Author: Rina Tanaka, Aya Ishigaki, Tomomichi Suzuki, Masato Hamada and Wataru Kawai
Title: Framework for Dynamic Inventory Replenishment Using Shipment Data of Logistics Warehouse in Apparel Products
Paper ID: 189 Abstract
Author: Shin-Ichi Shibata and Tsubasa Fukuchi
Title: Prediction of Nikkei Stock Average Using Polar Information Extracted from Elastic Net and Economic Report
Paper ID: 190 Abstract Paper
Author: Venusmar Quevedo, Nestley Sore, Nelson Murchante and Gene Hadley De Vera
Title: Multi-Dimensional Street Crime Prediction for Efficient Police Patrolling System Using Bayesian Market Basket Analysis
Paper ID: 191 Abstract
Author: Shin-Ichi Shibata, Shn-Ya Morita, Takuya Tajima, Takehiko Abe and Haruhiko Kimura
Title: Demand Forecasting Model for POS Data using the Meta-Features
Paper ID: 192 Abstract
Author: Fu Chuang and Ching-Jung Ting
Title: Forecasting Bike Usage with Different Models in a Bike-Sharing System
Paper ID: 193 Abstract Paper
Author: Venusmar Quevedo, Chloe Jean Raval and Mitzi Faye Lorilla
Paper ID: 194 Abstract Paper
Author: Venusmar Quevedo, Francis Luis Evangelista, Mercado John Cassidy and Noime Fernandez
Paper ID: 195 Abstract Paper
Author: Kei Takahashi
Title: Hierarchical Drift-Diffusion Model
Paper ID: 196 Abstract
Author: Yan-Cheng Liu and Ching-Jung Ting
Title: Station-level Ridership Forecast Models in a Bike-sharing Service
Paper ID: 197 Abstract Paper
Author: Taekho Lee, Seeun Jo and Chi-Hyuck Jun
Title: Handling categorical variables with high cardianlity: category grouping
Paper ID: 198 Abstract
Author: Hao Huang and Yu Chun Chen
Title: Semiconductor Manufacturing Monitoring Mechanism Using Variational Autoencoder and Convolutional Neural Network
Paper ID: 199 Abstract Paper
Author: Dussadee Seewungkum
Title: Factors Affecting the Adoption of Google Applications for Education (GAFE) : A Case Study of Humanities Faculty Srinakharinwirot University
Paper ID: 200 Abstract
Author: Hoki Kim, Jaewook Lee and Taeho Yoon
Title: Defending Against Adversarial Attack via Bayesian Neural Network
Paper ID: 201 Abstract Paper
Author: Ai Ikeda, Masao Ueda and Takeshi Moriguchi
Title: Criteria for Choosing Between a Cash or Credit Card Payment, Estimated by a Threshold Random Effects Model
Paper ID: 202 Abstract Paper
Author: Chun-Yee Lee, Li-Chih Wang and Pei-Chun Chu
Title: Development of a Cloud-based Advanced Planning and Scheduling System Framework and Modeling Approach
Paper ID: 203 Abstract Paper
Author: Mana Takaya and Haruka Yamashita
Title: Purchase Factor Analysis of Lactic Acid Bacteria Beverage by Logit Model
Paper ID: 204 Abstract Paper
Author: Mitsuru Toda, Ayumi Ogasawara, Aya Ishigaki and Hiroyuki Nishiyama
Title: Application of smartwatch for stress detection associated with a worker's action using machine learning
Paper ID: 205 Abstract Paper
Author: Zong-Ying Cai and Chen-Yang Cheng
Title: Deep Learning to Detect the Grasping Pose of a Robotic Arm
Paper ID: 206 Abstract Paper
Author: Waranyoo Thippo, Chorkaew Jaturanonda, Sorawit Yaovasuwanchai and Charoenchai Khompatraporn
Title: Heuristic Approach for Solving a Multi-objective Workforce Planning Problem of Rice Seeds Harvesting
Paper ID: 207 Abstract Paper
Author: Kazuo Kihara and Hisashi Yamamoto
Title: Study of prediction method of degree of user's fault recognition for software design document
Paper ID: 208 Abstract Paper
Author: Ayako Yamagiwa, Yuto Seko, Tianxiang Yang and Masayuki Goto
Title: An analytical model of users' communication on a chat system
Paper ID: 209 Abstract Paper
Author: Kotoko Tanaka, Sakiko Ogoshi, Yasuhiro Ogoshi, Toru Saitoh and Nishi Hitoshi
Title: Education Material for Cognitive of Characteristics by Radio Frequency Identifier and Image Processing
Paper ID: 210 Abstract Paper
Author: Masayuki Goto
Title: Estimation Problem of Linear Regression with High-Dimensional Sparse Supplementary Variables
Paper ID: 211 Abstract Paper
Author: Kamchai Thaichaiyon and Suthep Butdee
Title: Intelligent Agent Based Service Engineering Model for Automotive Cluster in Thailand using Fuzzy AHP and Neural Network
Paper ID: 212 Abstract
Author: Wanvisa Malaisri and Natthavika Chansri
Title: Competitiveness of Rubber Fund Cooperatives in Chanthaburi Province
Paper ID: 213 Abstract
Author: Reia Mukai, Sakiko Ogoshi, Chika Mori and Yasuhiro Ogoshi
Title: Development of emotion control support environment for children with developmental disabilities
Paper ID: 214 Abstract Paper
Author: Yee Yeng Liau, Kezia Amanda Kurniadi and Kwangyeol Ryu
Title: Adaptability of Human-robot Collaboration (HRC) System in Mold Assembly
Paper ID: 215 Abstract
Author: Shu-Chu Liu and Bing-Chuan Chen
Title: A Differentiated Service Model for Pizza Delivery
Paper ID: 216 Abstract
Author: Sirin Boonsuchat, Kanchana Sethanan, Thitipong Jamrus, Chuleeporn Kusoncum, Kongkidakorn Worasan and Nitikorn Srijaroon
Title: Sugarcane Harvester Scheduling Based on The Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Window (VRPTW) and Driver Restriction
Paper ID: 217 Abstract
Author: Ayumu Mimura, Sakiko Ogoshi, Chika Mori and Yasuhiro Ogoshi
Title: Development of awaking support system for people with developmental disabilities and sleep disorders
Paper ID: 218 Abstract
Author: Junhyuk Choi, Yeun Park, Jaehyuk Kim and Hyunbo Cho
Title: Robust Face Expression Recognition under Varying Head Pose, Illumination and Resolution Using a Convolution Neural Network
Paper ID: 219 Abstract
Author: Akihiko Kigawa
Title: Detection model of accounting information based on decision making in ERP
Paper ID: 220 Abstract
Author: Suphanida Jitjakr, Kanchana Sethanan, Thitipong Jamrus, Kongkidakorn Worasan and Nitikorn Srijaroon
Title: A computational approach for optimal crop planning of vegetables farm.
Paper ID: 221 Abstract Paper
Author: Syazila Rahman, Jafri Mohd Rohani, Alusine Barrie, Amirmudin Udin and Raja Nuratikah Raja Azam Shah
Title: Relationship of occupational safety and health practices and performance in small medium size enterprises
Paper ID: 222 Abstract Paper
Author: Chia Yee Ho, Siow Wee Chang, Chee Hau Tan and Hwa Jen Yap
Title: Interactive 3D Visualization for Tropical Plant Species
Paper ID: 223 Abstract
Author: Atsushi Wasida, Sakiko Ogoshi, Yasuhiro Ogoshi and Chika Mori
Title: Development of sleep support system for developmental disabilities - Investigation of the influence of emotional factors on sleep-
Paper ID: 224 Abstract
Author: Meilinda Maghfiroh
Title: Mobile Clinics: Medical Service Strategy for Disaster Healthcare Response Operation
Paper ID: 225 Abstract
Author: Kinju Hoshino, Mari Ito, Ryuta Takashima, Manabu Hashimoto, Hiroyuki Yamamoto and Hirofumi Fujii
Title: Operating room scheduling: Analyzing the trade-off between the expectation and the CVaR of delay time
Paper ID: 226 Abstract Paper
Author: Tsungyeh Ho and Dengchuan Cai
Title: The effectiveness of mnemonic phrase teaching to computer aided design and drawing.
Paper ID: 227 Abstract
Author: Chien-Chih Wang, Kuen-Tai Chen and Chi-Hung Kuo
Title: An empirical study on casting furnace efficiency improvement using data-driven techniques
Paper ID: 228 Abstract
Author: R.M. Jhiell Lhey Aguado
Title: Reduction of Defects due to Improper Mixing in Milling Section at Philippine Belt Manufacturing Corporation.
Paper ID: 229 Abstract
Author: Po-Hsiang Liu, Yi-Chun Lin and Chih-Ping Liu
Title: The Strategy of Reducing Schoolbag Weight and Carriage Behaviors for Elementary Students
Paper ID: 230 Abstract
Author: Rudy Ying-Yin Huang and Marino Menozzi
Title: Presence and work performance in a virtual environment with various visual complexity
Paper ID: 231 Abstract
Author: Haejoong Kim, Jeehyuk Park and Jongsung Lee
Title: A WIP allocation strategy for a unified material handling system of a semiconductor manufacturing company
Paper ID: 232 Abstract
Author: Jiongting Chen, Hisashi Yamamoto, Koji Shingyochi and Natsumi Tkahashi
Title: Optimal Design of Multi-Objective Network System using Genetic Algorithm
Paper ID: 233 Abstract Paper
Author: Sirilak Borirug and Jakkapan Satmunee
Title: The Information System for Strategic Planning on the Public Relations for Private Institutions in Thailand
Paper ID: 234 Abstract
Author: Fang Yi, Sato Kimitoshi and Nakashima Kenichi
Title: A study on Internet of Things embedded Closed-Loop Supply Chain System
Paper ID: 235 Abstract Paper
Author: Kaito Takama, Sakiko Ogoshi, Chika Mori, Yasuhiro Ogoshi, Takahiro Komatsu and Tsubasa Yamamoto
Title: Development of herbal tea formulation system tailored to the individual daily physical condition for developmental disabilities
Paper ID: 236 Abstract Paper
Author: Chi-Leung Chu, Tein Chang Wang and Vincent Li
Title: A fast heuristic for home care visiting scheduling planning problem
Paper ID: 237 Abstract
Author: Akihiko Fujino
Title: Sustainable Supply Chains Framework adapting Consumers’ Heterogeneous Demands
Paper ID: 238 Abstract Paper
Author: Vincent Li, Chi-Leung Chu, Yat-Wah Wan and Yicheng Lin
Title: Coordination of pricing and inventory decisions for a two-level fashion supply chain
Paper ID: 239 Abstract
Author: Annie Purwani and Utaminingsih Linarti
Title: Set Covering Problem considering Capacity, Type of Facility and Region Area
Paper ID: 240 Abstract Paper
Author: Firly Baskoro, Keisuke Nagasawa, Katsumi Morikawa and Katsuhiko Takahashi
Title: Coal Blending and Shipping Problem for a Coal-Fired Power Plant in Indonesia
Paper ID: 241 Abstract Paper
Author: Uten Khanawapee and Suthep Butdee
Title: Case-Based Learning and Adaptable Process Design for a Lightweight bi-Material Cold Forging Automotive Fastener
Paper ID: 242 Abstract
Author: Yu Ju Lin, Tung Jung Lin and Chen-Yang Cheng
Title: Applying Association rule for Production Line Assignment-Case study of Shoe Industry
Paper ID: 244 Abstract
Author: Farah Alfanur and Yasuo Kadono
Paper ID: 245 Abstract Paper
Author: Satoshi Mizutani, Xufeng Zhao and Toshio Nakagawa
Title: Overtime Replacement Policy for Two Failure Modes
Paper ID: 246 Abstract
Author: Noppachai Saivaew and Suthep Butdee
Title: Intelligent CAPP for Assembly Machined parts using Fuzzy AHP and Case-Based Reasoning
Paper ID: 247 Abstract Paper
Author: Ayumi Ogasawara, Erika Tajima, Aya Ishigaki, Seiichi Yasui and Hiroyuki Nishiyama
Title: Method of Determining Zoning and Storage Reassignment Plan Considering Picker's Work Characteristics in Logistics Warehouse
Paper ID: 248 Abstract
Author: Yu-Ping Kuo, Kang-Hung Liu, Pin-Ling Liu and Chien-Chi Chang
Title: The Preferred Visual Angle for Different Characters on Smart Glasses Display
Paper ID: 249 Abstract Paper
Author: Gongyi Liu, Nobuaki Ishii, Kotaro Ohno and Shin-Ichiro Yokoyama
Title: Project Management Support using the log data of Inter-organizational Communication
Paper ID: 250 Abstract
Author: Prapaporn Chubsuwan and Suthep Butdee
Title: Dynamic Fuzzy AHP Multi-Criteria Decision Making Model for Optimal Distribution Route Selection in Automotive Supply Chain Industry
Paper ID: 251 Abstract
Author: Kuo-Ping Lin, Yu-Ming Lu, Ching-Hsin Wang and Kimhua Tan
Title: A novel fuzzy deep belief network with Google trends for solar power forecasting
Paper ID: 252 Abstract Paper
Author: Yu-Kai Su, Chen-Yang Cheng and Shu-Fen Li
Title: Applying Random Forest to Estimating Production Setup Times on Scheduling
Paper ID: 254 Abstract
Author: Ming-Tsang Lu
Title: Environmental strategic orientations for improving Corporate Social Responsibility - using integration MCDM model
Paper ID: 255 Abstract
Author: Hui-Chih Hung, Hsi-Mei Hsu and Chiang-Lin Chao
Title: Scheduling Linear Deteriorating Jobs on a Single Machine with a Rate-modifying Activity to Minimize Makespan
Paper ID: 256 Abstract
Author: Chumpol Yuangyai, Yu-Jun Chang and Chen-Yang Cheng
Title: The Study of Picker Assignment by using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Paper ID: 257 Abstract
Author: I-Hsuan Huang, Chen-Yang Cheng, Chieh Wen Chang and Chumpol Yuangyai
Title: Using Deep Learning Optimization to Solve Travel Distance Estimation for Order Picking Routes
Paper ID: 258 Abstract
Author: Thongchai Chinkatham
Title: Dehumidification System Design for the Finished Products Produced from Natural Rubber Latex
Paper ID: 259 Abstract Paper
Author: Ru Sern Yeoh, Hwa Jen Yap, Chee Hau Tan, Sivadas Chandra Sekaran, Siow-Wee Chang and Kan Ern Liew
Title: Design and Development of an Online Robot Programming and Simulation Framework using the Robot Operating System (ROS)
Paper ID: 260 Abstract
Author: Jedsadarng Thanomsin, Suthep Butdee and Pramote Srinoi
Title: Corporative Industrial Robotic Modelling to Improve Productivity in Complex Cellular Production
Paper ID: 262 Abstract
Author: I-Hsuan Hong, Jack Su, Tzu-Yao Hsu and Sterling Olson
Title: Using neural network and metaheuristics in the offline optimization framework under simulation system – marine turbine applications
Paper ID: 263 Abstract
Author: Utaminingsih Linarti and Feby Z Hadi
Title: Analysis of G(t)/G(t)/s(t) queue system in non-stationary customer arrival pattern using infinite server method: A case study in Supermaket
Paper ID: 264 Abstract Paper
Author: Sarayut Ngerntong and Suthep Butdee
Title: Surface Quality and Accuracy Machined Part Prediction on Machining Center Using Multi-Criteria Decision together with Natural Frequency Vibration Method
Paper ID: 265 Abstract
Author: Yosephine Suharyanti and Dewa Parama Kartika
Title: Success factors of online shops in virtual marketplace: A case study in Indonesia
Paper ID: 266 Abstract Paper
Author: Chao-Lung Yang, Yi-Ming Wang, Yu-Yang Hsiao and Shang- Che Hsu
Title: Measuring importance of customer demographic feature for recommendation system using fisher discriminant ratio
Paper ID: 268 Abstract
Author: Amalia Yuli Astuti and Dwi Sulisworo
Title: ICT acceptance for teachers’ behavior intention to enhance the learning process in the Philippines
Paper ID: 271 Abstract Paper
Author: Yun-Chia Liang, Vanny Minanda, Aldy Gunawan and Angela Hsiang-Ling Chen
Title: Harmony Search Algorithm for Time-Dependent Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
Paper ID: 272 Abstract Paper
Author: Xuebin Chen, Masahiro Shibuya and Takashi Ishijima
Title: Development of a simple making tool for production planning & management by use of Gantt charts
Paper ID: 273 Abstract
Author: Hsin-Ting Chiu, Yen-Ling Chih and Chun-Cheng Lin
Title: Forecasting the Quality of the Chemical Vapor Deposition Manufacturing Process Using Multi-Fidelity Learning
Paper ID: 274 Abstract Paper
Author: Natthavika Chansri and Suphatut Srivipatana
Title: Development of Legislative Measures for Sustainable Management in Rubber Industry
Paper ID: 275 Abstract
Author: Glenn Paclijan and Greg Cubio
Paper ID: 276 Abstract Paper
Author: Mariah and Sukoyo
Title: A Mixed Integer Linear Programming and Genetic Algorithm to Solve Waste Collection Routing Problem
Paper ID: 277 Abstract
Author: Natthavika Chansri and Pornchai Poonakeaw
Title: Forecasting Process Parameters for Spray Drying Manufacturing based on Multivariate Analysis
Paper ID: 278 Abstract
Author: Hiroshi Arai, Takehiro Ido, Yuko Shimomura, Hiroyuki Kawabe and Shuichi Seto
Title: A suggestion for a method on visualization of dangerous environmental sounds
Paper ID: 279 Abstract
Author: Paphakorn Pitayachaval and Anantapoom Thongrak
Paper ID: 280 Abstract
Author: Paphakorn Pitayachaval and Thanakhan Baothong
Title: A Study of Factors That Effect to Extrusion On Demand in Paste Extrusion Process
Paper ID: 281 Abstract
Author: Junyoung Byun and Jaewook Lee
Title: Improving RL-Based Sequence Generation Network with Additional Value Function
Paper ID: 282 Abstract
Author: Ayako Sawada
Title: Effective use of SNS in attracting foreign visitors to Japan
Paper ID: 283 Abstract
Author: Yon-Chun Chou and Che-Wei Tsao
Title: An Economic Model of Supply Chain Integration for Premium Produce
Paper ID: 284 Abstract
Author: Chung-Lun Wei, Wei-Chi Lin, Hsin-Yu Wen, Ya-Chu Yang and Cheng-Feng Yu
Title: Exploring the Intention to Use the Mobile Banking Apps: An Integrated Framework of TAM, IS Success, and Perceived Risk Models
Paper ID: 285 Abstract
Author: Ting Chi Huang and Dengchuan Cai
Title: Effect of Operating Angle and Operating Posture on Torque Exertion of Screwdriver
Paper ID: 286 Abstract
Author: Glenn Paclijan and Greg Cubio
Paper ID: 287 Abstract
Author: Chang Ping-Yu and Yang Yu-Ning
Title: Intelligent logistics cost control mechanism with consideration of budget limitation and dispatching frequency using simulation
Paper ID: 288 Abstract
Author: James Louie Meneses and Noe Enriquez
Title: Reduction of Missing Pin Defect in Cutting and Fitting Process through Lean Six Sgma Methodology at a Semiconductor Company
Paper ID: 290 Abstract
Author: I-Lin Wang and Yun-Hsuan Lu
Title: Search Path Planning for a randomly distributed immobile target using Fleet of UAVs with Battery Swapping Stations
Paper ID: 291 Abstract
Author: Yue Zhai
Title: Side-payment Contract in Prefabrication Construction Industry with Operational Hedging
Paper ID: 292 Abstract
Author: Eun-Su Kim, Donghee Lee, Seung-Hyun Choi and Kwang-Jae Kim
Title: Wafer classification using a convolutional neural network considering small and imbalaced wafer map data
Paper ID: 293 Abstract Paper
Author: Chih-Hsuan Wang
Title: A novel framework to forecast global shipments and price variations of memory chips
Paper ID: 294 Abstract
Author: Yung-Chia Chang, Hsien-Mi Meng, Hung-Chih Chiu and Lee-Ing Tong
Title: Construction of a Multi-Class Discriminative Model for TFT-LCD Defective Pixels using Deep Learning Approach
Paper ID: 295 Abstract
Author: Hiroyuki Kawabe, Hidetaka Nambo, Shuichi Seto and Yuko Shimomura
Title: Distortion correction of braille document images obtained by overhead scanner
Paper ID: 296 Abstract
Author: Yu Liu and Xiang T.R. Kong
Title: Integrated storage assignment and consolidation sequencing for zone-based automated put system in flower auction
Paper ID: 297 Abstract Paper
Author: Willy Dharmawan and Hidetaka Nambo
Title: End-to-End Nvidia Model Implementation on Carla Self Driving Car in Moderate Dense Environment.
Paper ID: 299 Abstract
Author: Yu-Hsiang Hsiao and Ching-Liang Tsai
Title: Topic Modeling-Based Online Review Analysis for Airport Service Management
Paper ID: 300 Abstract
Author: Bonn Kleiford Seranilla and Glenn Paclijan
Paper ID: 301 Abstract Paper
Author: Yuta Kitano, Tetsuo Yamada and Kim Hua Tan
Title: A SNS Analysis of Japanese Manufacturers Using Text Mining
Paper ID: 302 Abstract
Author: Ding-Hsiang Huang, Cheng-Fu Huang and Yi-Kuei Lin
Title: Minimal paths plus minimal cuts for reliability calculation in stochastic flow networks
Paper ID: 303 Abstract Paper
Author: Yuta Hibiki, Takuya Kiriu and Norio Hibiki
Title: Optimal asset allocation with risk-adjusted implied return distribution based on the recovery theorem
Paper ID: 304 Abstract
Author: Dewang Chen
Title: Metro Operation Simulation System Driven by Big Data of Passenger Flow and its Intelligent Optimization
Paper ID: 305 Abstract
Author: Docki Saraswati, Debbie Kemala Sari and Shelina Putri Kurniadi
Title: Batch production scheduling in parallel machines with simulated annealing using python to minimize total tardiness
Paper ID: 306 Abstract Paper
Author: Daisuke Hirotani, Katsumi Morikawa, Keisuke Nagasawa and Katsuhiko Takahashi
Title: New approach for arranging worker sequence to self-balancing production line with worker and station dependent speed
Paper ID: 307 Abstract Paper
Author: Gyumin Kim and Chaesoo Kim
Title: FMEA based ABC Inventory Classification Considering Shortage Prevention
Paper ID: 308 Abstract
Author: Junyeong Gwon and Chaesoo Kim
Title: A Study on AHP based Diagonosis for Small and Medium Sized Smart Factory
Paper ID: 309 Abstract Paper
Author: Satoshi Suzuki, Manabu Kobayashi and Masayuki Goto
Title: An Estimation Model of Life Change Point by Energy Consumption
Paper ID: 310 Abstract
Author: Shi-Woei Lin, Tapiwa B. Matanhire and Yu-Chi Chang
Title: Game-theoretic Analysis of Service Agent Warranty Fraud when Some Agents Are Honest
Paper ID: 311 Abstract
Author: Chieh-Yuan Tsai and Meng-Lin Li
Paper ID: 312 Abstract
Author: Lucia Diawati, Andi Cakravastia, Yosi Hidayat, Anas Ma'Ruf, Dradjad Irianto, Iwan Wiratmadja, Katsuhiko Takahashi, Yasuo Yamane, Ritsuo Hashimoto and Katsumi Morikawa
Title: Quantitative Model representing the Contribution of Technology Elements on Operational Performance of Subsidiary Companies
Paper ID: 315 Abstract Paper
Author: Dominic Tadena, Mariam Tabios and Michelle Adiwang
Title: The Proposed University Central Hall: An Incorporation of Ergonomics Towards Safe and Sustainable Architecture
Paper ID: 316 Abstract Paper
Author: Tomoaki Yatsuka, Aya Ishigaki, Yuki Kinoshita, Tetsuo Yamada and Masato Inoue
Title: Collaboration method of single-vendor multi-buyer supply chain using multi-player linear physical programming
Paper ID: 317 Abstract
Author: Kwei-Long Huang, Yu-Hsin Wang and Cheng-Hung Wu
Title: Capacity Allocation Strategy for a Manufacturer when Offering Two-generation Products
Paper ID: 318 Abstract Paper
Author: Junpeng Cai, Dewang Chen, Tingqing Peng, Caibo Chen, Yong Shen and Ping Tang
Title: Intelligent charging navigation system of electric vehicle based on artificial system and big data
Paper ID: 319 Abstract
Author: Nathadet Kongsetthakul, Jiraporn Pradabwong and Natthavika Chansri
Title: Parameter design and optimization of the filling and packaging of sweetened condensed coconut milk
Paper ID: 320 Abstract Paper
Author: Tomoki Oshima and Aya Ishigaki
Title: Effects of planned transshipment in the buyer-dominated supply chain under uncertain demand environment
Paper ID: 321 Abstract
Author: Yusuke Ide
Title: Introduction to Continuous Time Quantum Walk Search
Paper ID: 322 Abstract Paper
Author: Jia-Nian Zheng
Title: Scheduling Problem for Small Variety Manufacturing in Printed Circuit Board Industry
Paper ID: 323 Abstract Paper
Author: Sanghan Lee and Chaesoo Kim
Title: An Economic Analysis of QR code Marking for Water Pump based on RCP Climate Change Scenario
Paper ID: 324 Abstract
Author: Mingchang Chih
Title: The effect of variance reduction techniques on particle dynamics in particle swarm optimization
Paper ID: 325 Abstract Paper
Author: Su Chuan-Jun, Shih Guan-Hong, Huang Shi-Feng, Li Yi and Huang Ching-Kai
Title: Medical Image diagnostics based on transfer learning
Paper ID: 326 Abstract Paper
Author: Ikki Matsushita, Ryo Hatano and Hiroyuki Nishiyama
Title: Marathon Runner Support System Based on a Heart Rate Prediction
Paper ID: 327 Abstract
Author: Jakey Blue
Title: Convolutional Correlation Structure Monitoring for Batch Process Diagnosis
Paper ID: 328 Abstract
Author: Osamu Ichikizaki, Miho Fujii, Takuya Hida, Ryosuke Nakajima, Syun Sakurai, Shintaro Yoshida and Shinji Shinoda
Title: A Study on an Assembly Line Designing Method for a Large Product with 3DCAD Data
Paper ID: 329 Abstract Paper
Author: Hiroshi Kuroki, Aya Ishigaki, Ryuta Takashima and Shinichirou Morimoto
Title: An economic evaluation of product recovery plan in rare earth elements recycling business in Japan
Paper ID: 330 Abstract
Author: Editha Montero, Noe Enriquez and Maida Dela Cueva
Title: Lean Approach to Efficiency Enhancement in an Insulated Panel Assembly of a Refrigeration Company
Paper ID: 331 Abstract Paper
Author: Sherly, Parama Kartika Dewa and The Jin Ai
Title: An Algorithm for Flexible Multi-Compartment Container Loading Problem with Multi-Drop
Paper ID: 332 Abstract
Author: Haruka Ohba and Shinya Mizuno
Title: Evaluation for A Simulation of Optimal Node Placement Using Agent-Based Model
Paper ID: 333 Abstract
Author: Hajime Akiyama, Chika Mori, Sakiko Ogoshi and Yasuhiro Ogoshi
Title: Employment support and lifelong learning for the people with disabilities -based on SDGs-
Paper ID: 334 Abstract Paper
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Title: Sustainable production and delivery system of agricultural products considering the local production for local consumption
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Title: The Use Intention and Perceptions of Smart Robots for the Elderly
Paper ID: 339 Abstract
Author: Katrina Lee
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Title: Archetypes of Technology Transfer Process at Recipient Companies
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Author: Takashi Hasuike
Title: Facility location problem of child care facilities at the area where the population shaply increases
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Title: Effects of surface inclination and aid device on stability during posterior load carriage
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Title: Development of Dynamically Integrated Performance Model of Technology Transfer Process at Manufacturing Company
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Title: Design of High-security RRAM Devices for Physical Unclonable Function Applications
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Author: Michelle Cariño-Adiwang, Leanne Faye Abdon, Michael Angelo Andrada, Melody Balan-Eg, John Kevin Kintanar and Krishamae Papa
Title: Applications of Anthropometric Data in the Variety of Furniture Used by SLU Students
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Title: A Hierarchical Yield and Throughput Rate Forecasting Method for Backend Semiconductor Manufacturing
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Title: An analysis of China’s energy and mining industry patents under the background of Sino-US trade war
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Title: Developing a Dynamic Balanced Scorecard to Measure the Performance of a Public Industrial R&D Institution
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Title: Analyzing the Applications of IoT in Logistics by Using Text Mining
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Title: A Simulation-Optimization Model for Omni Channel Retail Supply Chain Network Design Problem
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Title: Sustainable closed-loop supply chain with capacity consideration under disruption scenarios
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Title: The usage of Data Analytics for Improving Open-to-Buy Decision in Retail
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Title: Using system simulation to construct an optimal medical supply model
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Title: The Crucial Factors of Successful Food Crowdfunding Projects
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Title: The application of a multi-decision model for circular economy business model innovation for the green energy industry
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Title: Evaluating Shelf-Life of Cold Chain Logistics in the Early stages of Shrimp Shipment
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Title: Causality between Cognitive Failure, Mistake, Near-Miss and Responsibility Accident of Train Drivers: Exploratory Structural Analysis Based on Heinrich Law
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Author: Jen-Ying Shih and Wu Chia-Sui
Title: A Study on Operating Characteristics of Public Bike Sharing Station: A Metropolitan Case of Taipei YouBike
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Title: Evaluation for the Quasi-Optimization Algorithm of Minimum Cost-Flow Problem Using Iterative Deepening Depth-First Search
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Title: Lease Contract of Green Product Considering Service Heterogeneity
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Title: Construction of Support System for Information Security Policy
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Title: Self-Planning via self-play based multi-agent reinforcement learning for Small-scale aerial combat
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Author: Tao, Lin and Wei
Title: A multi-depot vehicle routing problem with order split and allocation in e-commerce logistics
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Author: Gervin Espinosa and Noe Enriquez
Title: Defects Reduction through Facility Layout Improvement Using Systematic Layout Planning Pattern Theory
Paper ID: 373 Abstract Paper
Author: Thanatkij Srichok, Rapeepan Pitaaso, Kanchana Sethanan and Suppachai Chainarong
Title: Using Modified Differential Evolution Algorithm to Optimize Friction Stir Welding Design of AA 6082-T6 Aluminum Alloy
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Author: Natthanan Praseeratasang, Nat Praseeratasang, Rapeepan Pitakaso, Kanchana Sethanan, Sasitorn Kaewman and Ganokgarn Jirasirilerd
Title: Application of Metaheuristic Methods for Pig Assignment Problems A Case Study Phorn Prasert Farm Company
Paper ID: 375 Abstract Paper
Author: Phajongjit Pijitbanjong, Udompong Ketsripongsa, Rapeepan Pitakaso, Paroon Mayachearw and Chaiya Chomchalao
Title: Modified Differential Evolution Algorithm for Solving Economic Crop Planning in the Northeastern Region of Thailand
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Author: Chalermchat Theeraviriya, Nat Praseeratasang, Natthanan Praseeratasang, Kanchanaa Sethanan, Rapeepan Pitakaso and Sasitorn Kaewman
Title: Scheduling Decision Making and Assignment Planning in Broiler Farms
Paper ID: 377 Abstract Paper
Author: Rapeepan Pitakaso, Kanchana Sethanan and Suppachai Chainarong
Title: Variable Neighborhood Strategy Adaptive Search (VaNSAS) for Optimization of Vertical Transportation in Elevator (OVTE)
Paper ID: 378 Abstract Paper
Author: Wheyming Song and Yi-Zhu Su
Title: Correcting ``System Reliability Results'' in a Review of the Literature -- Simulation is Used as a Problem-Solving Spotter and Validator
Paper ID: 380 Abstract Paper
Author: Azka Qonita Ibadurrahman, Wildan Trusaji and Dradjad Irianto
Title: A Conceptual Design of Soymilk Separation Technology for Small Medium Enterprise of Tofu Producer
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Author: Edwin Syalli Siregar and Anas Maruf
Title: Fixture Planning for Multi-Workpiece Setup
Paper ID: 382 Abstract Paper
Author: Rahmi Maulidya, Suprayogi Suprayogi, Rachmawati Wangsaputra and Abdul Hakim Halim
Title: A Scheduling Model for a Three Stage Hybrid Assembly Differentiation Flow Shop with Batch Processing in the First and Third Stages to Minimize Total Actual Flow Time
Paper ID: 383 Abstract Paper
Author: Fariz Muharram Hasby, Wisnu Aribowo, Sukoyo, Muhammad Mi'Radj Isnaini and Wildan Trusaji
Title: Implementation of Industry 4.0 Concept for SME Mushroom Farming
Paper ID: 384 Abstract Paper
Author: Dwi Kurniawan, Andi Cakravastia Raja, Suprayogi and Abdul Hakim Halim
Title: A Batch Scheduling and Operator Assignment Model for Flow Shops to Minimize Total Actual Flow Time
Paper ID: 385 Abstract Paper
Author: Mohammad Miradj Isnaini
Title: The vision for the intelligent shop-floor system
Paper ID: 386 Abstract Paper
Author: Pratya Poeri Suryadhini, Sukoyo, Suprayogi and Abdul Hakim Halim
Title: A Batch Scheduling Model for a Three-stage-Flowshop with Job and Batch Processors Considering Rework Processes for Non-conforming Items to Minimize Total Actual Flowtime
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Author: Praditya Ajidarma and Dradjad Irianto
Title: A Competency-based Exploratory Study of Industry 4.0 Readiness in Indonesian Industrial Estates
Paper ID: 388 Abstract Paper
Author: Praditya Ajidarma, Augustina Asih Rumanti and Iwan Inrawan Wiratmadja
Title: An Assessment of Development Potential of Small and Medium Industry (SMI) Using Technometric Concept of Management of Technology